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Better Conversations Means 

  • Deeper Connections: In your dating life, in your marriage, with your colleagues, and with your neighbors. (And with all those friends you're about to make!)
  • More Opportunities: Doors don't open in life to the competent. They open to the connected. Conversational fluency will expand your world in ways you can't even imagine yet.
  • Confidence - Conversational skills give you confidence to talk to that person, ask for that sale, go to that party, or even just say hi to that neighbor.

I'm not saying conversation fixes everything, but it's certainly a powerful push in the right direction!


Hi, I'm awkward Cole. When it comes to social faux pas: You name it… I’ve done it. 

Here's how it went for me (tell me if this resonates with you): I started into life focusing on knowledge and competency (get good at something and people will celebrate you right?). Oh how your 20's lie to you! 

And after climbing the ladder of competency, I started to experience some pretty confusing things

  • People getting promoted who were less competent than me
  • Finding out I was coming off differently than I intended
  • Launching into meetings or conversations only to find out my instincts were wrong about what to say/do.

It's just confusion at first: "What's going on here?"

And then when I couldn't find the answers I needed from books, colleagues or friends it became something stronger: anger.

Why on earth are there implicit social rules with remarkably explicit consequences?

And I let that anger stick around too longer and turned into bitterness.

That bitterness just created more friction at work and in my relationships and lead to worst part: lonliness.

Listen: I don't care about conversational tools or neat social hacks. I care about you being connected to others because no matter who you are: you are worthy of connection and you are made for connection. 

And if you've been looking for a place to develop the skills you on. Or join us now. 

What's in the Course

  • Module 1: Never Run Out Of Things to talk About
    • Intention: The sneaky thing ruining most 
    • Curiosity: Restore childlike curiosity with these 3 questions
  • Module 2: Questions:
    • Drop It: This word is making people defensive
    • Threads: The little clues that your missing (or forgetting to give)
    • Wearing and Carrying: The physical cues everyone gives you that you are missing
  • Module 3: More Than Words 
    • Foundations for non-verbal communication
    • Tell Your Face: What your (and their) face is actually saying in conversation
    • Don't Be Siri: Using vocal inflection properly in conversation
    • Body Language: The Loudest voice in the conversation
  • Module 4: OARR Method
    • Putting it all together; my framework for daily conversations
  • Module 5: How to End a Conversation (And Other Miscellaneous Skills)
    • Can't Stop, Won't Start: How to end a conversation
    • Common Conversational Traps: The traps I see people fall into the most and how to navigate them
    • How to Have a Breakfast Meeting: A very specific breakdown
    • Misc of Misc: Seating, Cups, Rapport Testing with Body Posture
    • Technology and Conversation: How to use technology to make in person conversations better

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