About Overt

I founded Overt after interacting with hundreds of thousands of individuals online and consistently hearing a common theme: their growth in the skills I taught was significantly influenced by their work environments. So if you're a boss, leader, manager or a L&D professional: let's get to work make work more human.


Hi, I'm awkward

You know those invisible social rules that exist in life but then change based on the social context? Yeah, I don't naturally intuit those. I bet you know where that road leads.

Confusion --> Anger --> Bitterness --> Loneliness

I want more for people. I want more for YOUR people.

In my early 20's I was capable, enthusiastic and fully engaged. I thought my competencies were enough. I was wrong. 

I remember being passed up for a leadership role that was clearly in my wheelhouse and feeling those first tinges of confusion. Should I quit? Should I ask why? I wanted to know why, but I certainly didn't want to ask. 

I fished my resume with some companies, consider the costs of leaving and, unlike so many who quit their jobs everyday to the befuddlement of their leaders, I decided to lean in and ask "Why." (I was terrified)

"You say things at the wrong time" 

"You don't know when to let stuff go"

"You have great ideas but you don't know when to share them" 

The answers started a journey of emotional intelligence and social awareness that I'm still on today.


Authenticity + Context. I believe in being socially smart. I also deeply believe in being yourself.


Keep it fun and people will stay engaged. (including me). I focus on the fun, joy and delight.


Take your org chart, flip it over: As leaders, it's our job to serve those we lead. I take this value into every contract with every company

Why Work With Me?

Ever bring in an expert who seemed so knowledgable about their area of expertise they might as well be living in a different universe than your people? These are the "unconsciously competent" experts (see the 4 stages of competency). If you need someone to look good on your speaker lineup, but if you want to bring actionable resources to your people so they can grow in the here and now, I suggest something different. I live perpetually in the "conscious competency" quadrant. I'm a practitioner who's naturally handicapped and perpetually practicing what I teach. This natural handicap actually helps me serve your people better. Let's connect! Book a discovery call  today.


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